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$79 Express 2-Day Flat-Rate Servicing + Parts

$79 Express 2-Day Flat-Rate Servicing + Parts
$79 Express 2-Day Flat-Rate Servicing + Parts
Item#: C9997
1.Problem Description: 2.Additional Problem Description: 3.Items Checked In: 4.Data Backup Option?:  Specify any Non-Standard File Backup Locations, Itunes, Quickbook, Outlook, Etc.: 5.Windows Password (If Any):

Product Description

$79 Express Servicing. Covers labor, diagnostic, and repair operations. Turnaround time in 2 business days Guaranteed. Guarantee is by the end of the 2nd Business Day (not including the day checked in). Business Days are counted as M-F only, excluding holidays. Parts / Hardware / Additional Software Extra.

Data backup option only includes backing up of individual files (pictures, music, movies, media). Programs can never be backed up as program installation procedures and registry entries are non-transferable. Any issues with your operating system that lead to the necessity to re-install your operating system software will involve a full formatting of your hard drive (wiping off all data, software, programs, etc.)  In such a case your data (Pictures, Documents, and Movies only) may be able to be backed up but programs can not be backed up nor can they be restored. If additional parts are needed, you will be notified with estimated cost and timeframe for part to be received/installed. Please read all terms and conditions first on the OutletPC Repair policies found here before checking in a computer system. Checking in your computer with OutletPC constitutes acceptance of this agreement.